Harmonic Past and Future patterns. 3000% from current price?

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
BINANCE:XVGBTC showing harmonic patterns from the past. If its really like that we can see dip and another 3000% but before that we might see even bigger price dip...
You can see my idea clearly on the charts.

Contribute and motivate :)
ETH 0x776Bcde9aC271620ca96d88392385C2f73A86e8E



Thank You
評論: First target is 1700sats then should bounce back to main support line
again failed stop making posts that r not true!!! Verge is dead coin 5000 volume, 2 trade bots pump and dump and u want to predict movement??? LOL
ryebag zoran83ns
@zoran83ns, How has this failed? Idiot. "Dead coin", you're a moron, GTFO.
You and I think alike but I think within 2 weeks of time. We will see new highs above 30 cents usd.
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nice thanks for putting in the time to put this together bro. I'll be looking forward to see the similarities.
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