XVG, the altcoins party host ! ( Waiting for the breakout )

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
XVG was the first coin that skyrocketed before altcoins season and after correcting for so many days we are approaching the resistance line with a strong support under us. We can expect a bull run for Verge and maybe an altcoin season after downtrend line breakout! Keep an eye in this chart and don't miss Verge ride.
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When are we going to the moon?
alireza88 gooddoctor
@gooddoctor, right now !
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I’m one of the fools who bought a ton of this at 1550 Satoshis. I feel I’ll never recover my money. Sunk cost. Bag holder. One of my worst decisions in trading, ever. Do you think we’ll ever see that level again? Due to DCA and lucky early buys at 6¢ and 7¢ (before the rally to ~24¢), I’m actually only down 30% on my initial.

Question to all: would you hold this and hope to break even again, or would you sell at a loss and find a better opportunity. I’ve lost more money holding onto this hoping I’ll get my investment back than I would if I had sold it and doing a better opportunity. Thoughts? When do we see this going up 30% so I can pull my money out? I’ve just lost faith in this after losing so much money.
Andrew138 TheGush
@TheGush, Hell yeah I would hold them. By this time next year they have the potential of being worth a LOT more! I mean look at DGB from last January. if you would have bought it in January of last year you would be up 28,000%! TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND PERCENT.

Anything can happen, but holding for a month or so and then dumping when you don't get an immediate return is kinda silly.

It WILL get back to it's high of 1550 or so and plus a lot more. IMHO
TheGush Andrew138
@Andrew138, it’s not that I’m impatient, believe me. But I also have a lot of money tied up in Verge right now- which has been going nowhere after a major loss (for me).

It’s the fact that the longer I leave that money in this coin that is just sitting there around 5¢ for the last two months or so- I could have thrown that same money in some other short term altcoin investments like Nano or ETC and made a lot more money. I’m considering selling the Verge at a loss (temporarily), throwing that money in some short term investments, then buying the same amount back into Verge, but hopefully with some profit still in my pocket.

Unless we expect this thing to take off within the next two weeks or so, I could be using the money I have in XVG to make some quick 20-30% gains here and there before I return.
Hommi TheGush
@TheGush, You made a decision stick to it, its foolish to sell at such a huge loss. We have seen cryptos getting back to their ATH in matter of weeks.
I got in at 35 sats, bought more at 200 sats, a lot more at 1000 sats.. Now I could have sold it all at 2000 sats but we cannot see the future can we? Don't regret your past choices mate.
I know people who bought at its major ATH i.e. 250 sats and sold it all at 50 sats only to see it reach 2k sats :D
Verge is a very good investment I am holding mine for atleast 2-3 years so I can retire.
I could use a new car... It's starting te become a rust problem
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Dude56 BobbyDeBoef
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