Verge - The New Cardano (new new Iota)

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
When I say the new Cardano, I mean the new coin that grows as fast as Cardano that grows as fast as Iota that grows as fast as mosquitos in a humid day. We see this coin taking off, but it's not done guys. What I am going to show here is a short-term play on Verge to take advantage of this growth, which will then lead you to a better long-term position. My MACD and RSI are still showing life for one more push. This matches up with my wave count. When you get the two together, OOOH does it get scary.

As we all know, I friggin hate wave counts in satoshi, but this is all we have to work with. So my precise target may fall short just because I expect Bitcoin to be on a rise here soon. BUT, if you have the ability to track in dollar value, we're looking at another 100% rise coming. Right now I see a sharp ABC correction forming, so it's very possible that we get a lower C wave that will reach into our "buy box." On the daily chart I see right now is a doji . Know what follows dojis? Shooting stars. Somebody give me a "KOBEEE." We're going to take this shot, and this one seems like a lay-up.

I expect this wave 5 to act a lot more like wave 1, a little shorter, but very much worth the wait.

With wave 3 being so powerful, a truncated fifth wouldn't surprise me, so our 5th wave target range is going to be a bit wider (even though I'm not listing a truncated 5th as a part of the box range).

Entry level will be between a .5 and .618 level. I expect this wave to finish correcting around the .618 level.

Entry: 579 - 686 Sat

Target 1A: 1053 - 1173
Precise target: 1173

Stop Loss: 422

RR: 3.75
Chance to Gain: 102.24%
Chance to Lose: 27.24%

I will also immediately post the next long-term buy opportunity that we could have here.

Long-Term Set-up

Re-entry: 611-747

After this run I just don't see this thing falling below a .5 fib retracement. Just way too bullish to me.

Long-term Target:
Target 1B: 1773
Target 2B: 2432

Remember, these are in Satoshi. So that value is subject to change, but the dollar value should eventually reach those targets of a possible 400% gain.

Timetable: 1-3 months

No stop loss on this one. Just HODL or sell if you are impatient.

We probably will not see Verge return below 650 Sat due to Bitcoin's drop in price.
評論: Guys i’m still traveling, i’m literally checking this thing on my phone. I think we’re going to crush through our wave 5 target. I don’t think we’re done here just yet. Hold on tight. More details to come after i get home and play with my dog.

Alright, If you didn't sell at the Doji, you should be quick and sell at this shooting star to secure profits and reduce risk! And THANK YOU to tradingview to release this coin in Dollar Value !!!

I'm updating this chart because ladies and gentlemen, I don't believe we are close to being done. I think what we just saw here was an extended 3rd wave. We should get ready for the 5th wave, but this one should retrace a decent amount. Not sure what it will be in Satoshi, but you should follow (sell and buy) based off of dollar value for this coin.

The 1 hour divergence on the MACD is telling me that this current run is done. But if you look at the 3 hour MACD, there is still room for more! This matches up with my elliot wave projection, so this next run will be VERY profitable.

The risk to reward ratio is so attractive there is almost no reason not to try this one out. I'm looking for a bounce off of the 30 minute EMA and to start wave 5 from there. If it fails, then heck, we only lose a small amount of what we already gained.

I'm targeting a .618 retrace on this one here. So here it is guys!

Re-Entry: $0.1425 - $0.159
Stop Loss: $0.135
Target Box: $0.24 - $0.27
Precise Target: $0.256

RR: 15.38
Chance to Gain: 80.22%
Chance to Lose: 5.21%

Again, no idea what this will in satoshi. If you would like alerts on dollar value, check out the Crypto Pro. I love it. Good luck guys!
評論: Sorry mistake! Expect wave 3 to go higher! Looking like this subwave wave 5 will be a 1:1 of 1 and 2. My indicators fooled me haha. Correction targets should be moved up MAYBE 2 cents. Decreasing our risk to reward.

Target box moved up. Expecting a hard drop here on a zig zag correction, BUT it's possible we may get a REALLY hard drop and correct with a flat. Ascending wedges always fall. Be careful on the buy in, wait for signs of reversal.
評論: Alright, this thing is a beast. I don't know what's going on. It just barely dropped from the ascending wedge and grew higher. I've only seen ONE coin do something similar and that was Bitcoin.
交易結束:目標達成: I'm calling this trade closed just because our wave 5 target was reached. Our "re-entry" target box is cancelled. Wait for this bad boy to die and follow me for updates on re-entry for a later date. This just became my new favorite coin.

Expecting a bullish Flat correction here. Unless you want to play the B wave correction, DO NOT buy on the first dip. Wait for bullish indicators of a strong uptrend.

Target Re-Entry Box: $0.112 - $0.147
New Target: $0.425 -$0.507
Precise Target: $0.487

Potential gain - 330%

Targets may often change. Please look at my Bitcoin forecast. I use that to help guide my altcoin purchasing decisions.
Alternate Wave count!

This really makes sense to me and might be the most logical to happen here. Don't buy in until a breakout occurs!

Possible target could hit 40 cents! New target range box!
交易進行: Alternate wave count looks like it's going to happen. THIS is why I always monitor my coins, guys. You must always be nimble and willing to change your thesis and move with the market or you will be left in the dust. I'm targeting the bottom of this triangle for re-entry, near 21 cents. 40 cents will be a nice Christmas gift!
評論: Like I said, always be nimble hahaha. I'm thinking about taking a break here from posting ideas and updates. I seem to be lacking confidence on my wave counts. I like to get confluence from other analysts and sometimes when I do that it throws me off, rather than the initial goal of giving me a better outcome. I will, however, continue to update on Bitcoin. And just from the looks of it, it seems that my original wave count was correct, and Verge probably going to be headed onto wave 3 after this correction. Sorry for the mistakes everyone.

I'm playing this trade along with my analysis on Bitcoin. (SHORT-TERM) i am short on Bitcoin. I think this drop on Bitcoin should continue and their may be another wave upwards that will give altcoins a shot to recover. So if that holds to be true, I think we can lower a "buy box" opportunity here. Playing corrections are hard to do, I'm not going to lie. This correction has been very odd. But i'm seeing an ABCDE correction with support around the .618 area.

Previously we already touched the .618 level with the wick, and I have the confirmations that is definitely possible to happen again. So I will definitely be set up positions at 11 cents or lower and patiently wait for signs of reversal.

Now, if it does drop very low (8 cents), there is a possibility that the correction continues longer into a double-3 set and may trade sideways for a while. Either way, my target is still around the same area (43 cents). I'm setting up long-term holds with this coin because I do think it has great potential. I'm not necessarily looking for a quick buck, though, it is likely to happen if we get a favorable correction from Bitcoin.

Hope you guys realized we hit our first impulse wave already. Going up now. Next target is $0.20. Let's take this step by step.

Let's take a look at the bigger picture for a second. Another analyst brought this to my attention and it makes a ton of sense to me. I saw this with a few other coins, like NXT, Litecoin, Ripple (I will probably do a TA on soon on these fractal phenomenons). The problem is, is that when you reach the last target, you better get out, because your profits will be wiped away.

This is moving in fractals, where the next wave length is substantially longer than the previous one. Along with the other analyst, we're both predicting about $0.70 with the chance of it going higher, but I think we'll take a nice big break before that happens.

On the left, I showed a comparison between the wave lengths from the very bottom of the correction to the top of the next impulse. As you see, we are getting progressively higher, and so will our targets. We are in the Jaws of wealth.

This right here is probably the most important screenshot of this thread, and I was honestly thinking about just making a new post on this, but whatever. Like I said before, our next target is in that $0.40 cent range. But the next one after that is in the $0.70 cent range.

Where are we now? Well, we're in resistance. It is possible that we can retest the .618 level from here, but we just had a nice bullish bounce and our MACD is still pushing up. I think the bottoms are in, but don't deny another drop to $0.11 cents.

If we get this target of $.20 then we are up from there and there is no turning back.
評論: Verge failed to break through resistance, looks like we're double topping. Be aware of a double bottom at the .618 level

That wave upwards was looking funky, right? We may never break this strong support line. But it is possible that there is more to the correction, I'm thinking that this will be it, so this could be the case for the support line to break for a second.
any Updates? Looks bullish to me ...
Thank u posting! It's good tt we all learning!
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Eball8 nivlem
@nivlem, thanks my man!
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I fomo back in at 1600+ n had bad buyers remorse
N its still going
@nivlem, just hold it man. In due time you'll get it all back and much more. It sucks, we've all bought ATH at times, but if you can be patient you'll get your initial investment back and more. This coin (if/when) wraith is released will explode.
Thank you for your honesty, unbelievable XVG
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Your recommendation is to sell when?
Eball8 bcaztx
@bcaztx, ehh I don't give advice/recommendations. These are just my opinions because they are liable for failure. But I would pay attention to the peaks of my charts. Possible sell areas.
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i think it might go all the way to 1 dollar. Haha. Byebye XVG -- it was a nice 2 days of holding u. It was sweet.
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