Verge Looking To Explode Despite BTC Tyranny

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Verge is building a nice symmetrical triangle. This could honestly go either way. For bullish confirmation we need: a two candle close (15m) above the trigger, Chikou cross, Volume , and improved RSI . Have highlighted a decent stop loss position. Good luck!

PM me for entries, targets and custom charts.
交易進行: XVG triggered. Going up!
評論: Upside was delayed a little but it has triggered again. Looking to confirm upside above trigger.
評論: Trigger confirmed. 55 btc sell wall @ 1299-1300 smashed in 15 seconds.
評論: Patience always pays off
評論: Looks like a short term bull flag building
評論: Verge not looking great. Here's my thoughts including a stop
交易結束:達到停損點: Stop hit at 1024. Wait for the retrace.
excellent analysis Ben, too bad I found it too late ;). I'm following you now!
+1 回覆 are amazing!!!!!
+1 回覆
Brisben Belcara
@Belcara, Naww shucks :)
Belcara Brisben
@Brisben, damm should i still stay inside ?
+1 回覆
Brisben Belcara
@Belcara, It's actually quite common to retest the top of the triangle after breakout. But to be safe set a stop loss at the indicated point and wait to see what happens.
Belcara Brisben
@Brisben, thank you very much i am still in it :-) just waiting for a better day .....
Brisben Belcara
@Belcara, I feel that you should have set a stop loss @ 1024, as per my most recent update. But it's too low to sell now, so just hold. Good luck!
Belcara Brisben
@Brisben, no worries i will problem....i am now a bag holder of Verge ...hehehe...thanks for sharing and caring!
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