XVG potential Elliot wave forming

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Correction wave 2 dropped to exactly 50% of wave 1 (wave 2 by the books). There was breakout 5 hours ago due to announcement of hardfork, but got dumped back fast. I believe it will continue with organic growth towards 1550 SAT mark which is end of wave 3 at 1.618 of wave 1. That should be target 1 if you want to take profits there during wave 4 then you can. Or if you want risky play then sell around 1550 and buyback in wave 4 to sell close to end of wave 5, which can end up anywhere between 1850 and 2200. The timeframe of the drawing is not accurate and have not based it to follow the lines directly, but the targets should stand. Good luck!
About a month and still XVG hasn't done anything. Everybody just bragging about it! Moon Moon! There is no moon!!! Moon is not to buy XVG :| I got stuck in XVG about 4 weeks everyone telling me it will go to the moon wait for release of Wraith Protocal. It was released and it got even worse!
JozoB rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, As far as I know the Wraith Protocol was being released in 4 phases. Last phase coming soon so yeah, that could help the price a bit. Unfortunately BTC affects alts quite a lot so predictions can't be only based on project development. I don't believe it'll go 3-4x overnight, but an organic growth when all this mess with BTC slows down (will never stop) can be expected. If you don't have patience to wait then I would suggest riding the waves. Don't just sell and move on, you can still earn a profit if price goes down.
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@JozoB, Thanks for your attention and again thanks for sharing your trading views. ^_^
sokol66 rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, When XRP was 25 cents and dropped to 23 due to a slight market-wide correction, a lot of people started to say "A dead horse coin", "A pregnant coin that will never make its move". Yeah man, then +-40 days of uninterrupted growth came, notwithstanding the market volatility. Stack up on patience and be sure the break will happen after everybody shorts.
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rsedaaghi sokol66
@sokol66, I agree a pro. trader must have patience. Thanks man! Happy trades
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