XVG Bullish Pennant Observed as it Touches the Resistance Line

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Thinking it might stick around the resistance line until a price movement driven by the release of new news regarding verge. The Bullish Pennant is also known as a bull flag indicator. The only difference is it compresses towards a point then breaks out rather than an up/down oscillation between two lines. Bull flags indicate a new bull trend could be just around the corner, this usually resulting in a spike in price and/or a new uptrend. Since it is correlating around the resistance line I find it to be more likely that this is correct.
交易進行: Pennants usually result in a violet spike up in price so it would be best to buy now and place a stop-loss right underneath it. 0.00001070 is what I am using.
評論: Trading view was frozen for some reason; stop loss at 0.00001040; the wedge changed shape (realized the triangle it was making) and seems to be still confined inside.
評論: 45 minutes from now looks like the point it could break out; guess we'll wait and see :/
評論: Something pointed out by a friend: Set limits lower than your stop or it might not have time to sell if it drops quickly.
評論: Well it has certainly poked up through the triangle and is stalling in one spot at the resistance line. Buy/sell volumes still seem balanced.
評論: perhaps forming a miniature flag as suggested on discord; flag has a bull-pin
評論: Watching the new compression forming (triangle). Looks like it is aiming to touch around the 31st.
評論: It's having another poke at the resistance line; something worth watching
交易進行: XVG breaking resistance line!
交易進行: watch for boom when wraith finishes compiling, link in discord
What's the target?
@Beynoh, the way i see it. if it stables at 1400 sats, next target is 1900. Because if wraith comes out tomorrow, it's over lol shit will fly
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Please repon me
i buy on 1220 satoshi
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well it didn't drop and it didn't just stayed put....where do you see this going tomorrow and Saturday?
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thomas58700 CubanMiner
@CubanMiner, not sure why I didn't get notified of your message, but please check the comment I have added :)
CubanMiner thomas58700
thomas58700 CubanMiner
@CubanMiner, Hold onto it and watch the graphs, no need to panic
CubanMiner thomas58700
@thomas58700, Keep holding?????
CubanMiner thomas58700
@thomas58700, PLEASE GUIDE US THROUGH THIS! I AM GLUED TO MY MONITOR WAITING FOR YOUR REPLIES! WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD 160K XVG LIKE ME? WILL IT HIT $1? Should I just HODL? Please teach me what to do in situations like this! Is there any way to make educated decision when you are in a middle of a crazy bull run like this with millions of people focused on this one coin! This is insane!
thomas58700 CubanMiner
@CubanMiner, check the discord chat xvg: updates and conversations are posted an you can listen to voice chat
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