Verge over sold - new 5 wave starting? target 3200 sats

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Right now, everything is on sale as the cyrpto market corrects.

For now, Verge has found support at the .382 level (800 sats ) and if this is the end of the correction (possible) then we should begin a new 5 wave impulse that reaches 3200 sats or 1.618% of the previous high of 2000 sats .

However, if Bitcoin corrects further, down to say $8000 (or I'm even seeing calls of $6k in chat now) then verge could drop lower to the next support.

Heck of a buying opportunity today.
評論: Quick thing to note.

Wave 5 on the chart (3200 sats) is wave 3 of the bigger 5 wave impulse.
In the larger scale:

Wave 1 took us to 2000 sats
Wave 3 should take us to 3200 sats
Wave 5 should take us 5200 sats.

Time frame is weeks; I think we'll see 5200 sats in February.
Yikes. I went into a meeting for a couple hours and came out to XVG @ 600.

Right now XVG is bouncing decently off the 600 sat level and back to 680.
more like 500 sats I would say. Might be good time to enter.
Market is reacting to news, everything is highly unpredictable. I would advise everyone to be extremely cautious.
Buy in pieces :)
I have set my buy order at 700 sats, but I think we will visit below 600 sats this week :(
Are you sure now we're trading at 780 sat In that case 800 is a resistance line?
jdharward rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, It can drop below 800 and be OK, you just don't want it to drop much beyond 800.

Next support level is .236, around 515 sats.
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rsedaaghi jdharward
@jdharward, I hope it doesn't reach that level. Fingers crossed. I have panic selled a lot! :|
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