Verge $XVG Technical Analysis January 11, 2018

BINANCE:XVGETH   Verge / Ethereum
#XVG looks to be breaking out of a long cup and saucer formation. It looks like a reversal is on the way. If Elliot is correct, there is some serious potential here with new ATH reaching $0.65. I'd wait for confirmation of the breakout before I went all-in with this one. Please let me if you have any questions. I'm new to this so, I'm open to commentary.
XVG breaking out from the down channel
ZakkMorriss roshansoyza
@roshansoyza, its an exciting time to buy Verge
hope you'r true , tell us informed when it brokes the superior part of the triangle !
I struggle to see how could XVG go to $0.65. It's a speculative coin which belongs into penny market. Serious investors will not put money into it and funboys don't have enough purchase power to buy it at this price. It's going to be hovering between 0.1 and 0.2 this year.
@raadim, thats well received. I think the privacy aspect of the coin is what it makes it worth more. Regardless of institutional pull, the real draw is anonymity. While you and I would proudly boast about pips, (and subsequent taxation lol) others will use it as a way to harbor their hard earned money. $XVG is completely anonymous. I’m betting on a hike for this reason alone. No other coin can offer true anonymity. That (to me) is priceless.
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@raadim, it is not about where it is coming from, it is about what it offers. This is telling you where it goes. I prefer to be anonymous, i think this will be the same to most in future times even more. At least once one wants to get out from crypto and take profits to fiat, one will change to privacy coins (i bet to choose the one which offers most privacy), clean the coins that way by transfering it to different wallets inside TOR network, since receiver is anonymous. Its not what verge is made for, but it can be used for. This is the same to weapons, they are made to protect, but at the end they kill.
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