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questions are valuable and worth exploring
you do not need the answers
only the ability to ponder

- could it happen?
- sure its a 1.4 trillion dollar market cap but what are we going to use as a measurement of wealth on the planet going forward?
- could the $USD proof of debt protocol with unlimited supply suffer some dramatic price corrections?
- can the wealth of the planet re-express itself in several, if not hundreds of crypto-currencies?
- can there be several crypto-currencies worth trillions of dollars?
- can wall street pocket $900 trillion in debt based derivatives contracts?
- will the derivative bubble pop at the expense of the working class tax payer and ultimately pop the value of the debt protocol $USD coin?
- is the wealth of this planet adequately expressed at this time in fiat?
- is the true measure of wealth being suppressed by phony fiat manipulation, banking magic tricks, and financial gaming?
- will the future be kind to traditional legacy banking, trading and financial systems?

comment if you want to

if it could happen like this, the shake outs on the way could be dramatic. can you imagine how many people after hitting $12 on wave three would panick sell into the wave 4 pullback to $1.50?
holy moly, this would be a dream!!!!
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gjmullen chriseth
@chriseth, life is but a dream
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