XVGUD $1 in first week of January in 3 Day cyclic grow and lose

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Each rally of Verge were between +200 and +400% following -30 till -60% lose.

In this cyclic grow Verge will be still at $1 in first week of January
交易進行: #XVG since 29 evening can be traded DIRECTLY with Dollars via USDT on Bittrex

#Vergecurrency #xvgcurrency #VergeCoin #VergeFam #WraithProtocol $XVG $XVGUSD $xvgbtc #vergenews the rising Giant of real anonymous crypto
交易結束:達到停損點: Unfortunately the deadline developers put themselves failed.

Seems they really decided to do open heart surgery coding overnight and testing just short before the deadline.

I was hoping they instead testing in secure to publish at 00:00 the ready solution with wraithprotokol.

Seem I was wrong.

Coding-programming openly under pressure and deadline is worst think one can do


Very unprofessional.

Errors and bugs will still come out and this will delaying the release resulting of lose of patience of investors.

I think the touchdown to 1000 seen in the night will not hold.

We will see dips even below 500, thatwhy I decide to stop and wait out.
評論: WTF
there are some screenshots about that McAfee were in deal with XVGWhale to be payed pushing Verge.

What this all about?
交易進行: Bitcoin is back with 15% up and all alts are down.
Vege has very strong support at $14 seems XVG/USDT pair is dominant than xvg/BTC

And takin into account that developers do not anymore run in front of cocky shitless kids harrying up to release bugg wraith that they can sell, I am back :)
交易進行: New breakout points
Can you do an updated chart dude - I think this one wont fit anymore as too much shit happend.
viparmenia ricoemme84
@ricoemme84, here we go
Dude XVG is going to blow up fuck all hype noobs that dumped Wraith is released , now it needs marketing and XVG will also be listen on one of Asias biggest exchanges , Bitthumb
gjmullen AdamYonas
@AdamYonas, it should be seen as a good sign that bad news shows up right at the best time to buy into a monster crypto position. when real bad news is in the pipeline all will be quiet as people silently unload their positions. XVG is going to continue higher and many people want in.
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Follow @Jafferderwish on Twitter. He made the full test of wraith on video. Quite good.
viparmenia Jelbracht
@Jelbracht, what @Jafferderwish have made has nothing to do with Wraith Protocol. He just showed that the "IP leak" of XVG is fake, IPs are safe as long as you use TOR network.

That the video from @Jafferderwish is presented everywhere as a proof of Wraith shows that almost nobody have an idea what wraith protocol is about.

Wraith Protocol is really a unique staff and if XVG would succeed it will be huge.

Unfortunately the most of investors didn't understand the real meaning of what is going on and XVG devs are a bit unprofessional in what they promise and what is possible to do.
@viparmenia such scrwenshots can been done within 5min. At the same time, when you read the bullshit he is spreading since few weeks, sky is the limit in the McA. World...
Do your research Viper - McAffee blackmailed Verge, they didn't pay him. Next, The Wraith is working, all IPs are obfuscated. Please research before going crazy.
gjmullen ricoemme84
@ricoemme84, McAffee didn't blackmail Verge. Hacker's tried to get Verge to send them ETH. this will become more common as trillions of dollars come into play. tweets, emails, and texts are likely vehicles for hackers.
ricoemme84 gjmullen
@gjmullen, Could be and I see your point. Crazy world.
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