Possibly on to wave 3 and higher highs? $1.57 for a top

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Pretty sure were just about done waves 1 and 2. The market sure is slow to pick back up but understandably.
looks good! I got $2.50 on my sub wave 3 of wave 3 ;)

@gjmullen, Sounds good to me. Wish it would speed up a bit. This hurry up and wait syndrome is agonizing .
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bram.buijzer kevincredible01
@kevincredible01, patience is a virtue, especially in the crypto world
PSekula gjmullen
@gjmullen, 800$ by march?
gjmullen PSekula
@PSekula, that seems a bit outragerous. but hey! Stripe ditching bitcoin with a mention of adopting Verge. Regardless leg 5 could easily land at $60 and still be a substantial wave 5. I think wave 5 will ultimately depend on how wave 4 plays out, or if wave 4 turns into a longer correction.

on a side note I believe all of the worlds wealth is starting to re express itself as crypto currency. WallStreet is going to need quite a substantial bailout as I hear they are up to 2 quadrillion in derivates contracts that are most certainly not going to pay off unless an alien race lands here and pays the bill, or if an alien named satoshi nakamoto sends us an algorythm to wipe out all debt on the planet. ;)

there is enough wealth on this planet to sustain several crypto platforms with values of many trillions each.
PSekula gjmullen
@gjmullen, I look at other coins that are trading between 5 and 10$ and wonder why Verge couldn't trade at that range too. I'd be happy with a 7$ value.
gjmullen PSekula
@PSekula, it is coming, but it is the markets job to shake out every last drop of weak holders before moving up. funny how the market seems to exceed expectations on every front. pullbacks, length of correction, height of price tops, quickness of appreciation, quickness of depreciation. chasing the next likely pool of activity/volatility.
gjmullen PSekula
@PSekula, also if you click on the chart and use cursor to approximate point 5 is only $250
PSekula gjmullen
@gjmullen, hah! "only." :)
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gjmullen PSekula
@PSekula, this chart seems to work too.

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