XZC longer term view

BITTREX:XZCBTC   ZCoin / Bitcoin
4572 4
XZC recently broke out if a descending triangle to the upside.
This looks to me as a logical continuation of a 5 legs cycle (labelled as ABC on left chart).

Shorter term: found a bottom, made a 5 legs up, retraced in an ABC move and seems to have started next cycle up.
Broke out and currently pulling back/consolidating before possibly a 3rd leg up starts.

Trading advice: let it correct, wait for a bullish Trend Continuation Pattern and buy that break out.

I will try to update when I see a good entrypoint
Nov 27
評論: This surprised me: (4) was placed on that position a week ago!
Looks ready for next leg up.
Dec 25
評論: Target reached , let it roll from here. More to come imho
please look into zencash/btc
zencash is competing with zcoin in terms of position and price. but zencash is more powerful due to secure node launching on 30 nov
now will it return to 27 or just keep on going?
thanks Ed, keep up the great work.
Please keep posting analysis, thanks!
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