Zclassic (ZCL) Head and Shoulders pattern

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
Zclassic is another coin which was effected too hard from market correction and built up a head and shoulders pattern on a daily chart . This means, that it will drop hard in the next days.

Indicators are high. But don't worry. They will drop these days. Strong support line at 0.006BTC. It might bounce up again after that. You could get some short profits there.

Good luck
Not happening. Support is holding very strong around 0.00900 sats.
Just hit the neckline. New just was released that pushes back the fork date by a couple weeks. Not bad news - actually good because this team is doing it right - but people will sell in the short term and buy back as the time draws nearer. This is potentially a good opportunity to buy back lower :)
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Do you think its safe to sell and buy lower
calumon PaulDMachado
@PaulDMachado, I think it's always safe to buy lower after selling since you have a plus afterwards
@calumon, im really new to this so im trying to maximize my profits do you feel it will definitely drop lower than 117,000 mark
calumon PaulDMachado
@PaulDMachado, that's something I'm quite sure of. It will definitely drop below that mark.
@calumon, i figured with fork around the corner it would hold but i guess the bulls love it to drop because the by cheaper
calumon PaulDMachado
@PaulDMachado, Yout might want to check out the usage of indicators. For ZClassic, they are still high and this would mean that the price should drop. You would profit a lot through looking up what indicators are and at least how 2-3 work
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