ZCLBTC Craze with Bitcoin Private Fork

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
As you may know, ZCL is forking to BTCP 1:1, also known as Bitcoin Private.

If you haven't noticed, all Bitcoin "forks" or anything with Bitcoin in the name goes up to a few hundred dollars.

I think BTCP price will exceed price of most BTC forks such as gold , diamond and possibly even cash, but that can be debated.

This fork actually has use "privacy", could be easily understood, and has a supply cap of only 1.8M coins.

ZCL is still under $100 USD, greatly undervalued if you hold for the BTCP Fork.

On the news, it shot up, and we've seen a lot of sell offs, mainly due to people pursuing quick profits, ignorance, impatience and price suppression from whales, or big players.

I am holding a good amount of these I bought at $2.5 USD (currently 4000% up) until the BTCP Fork, will sell some as soon as snapshot for fork is taken.

As for the Technical, we should break out of Symmetrical triangle soon, will wait for bullish confirmation based on upward movement, break of swing high and volume kick.

If you are interested in longer term Investments, check out our newsletter at the bottom of our website at

We recommended this at $2.5USD, and have achieved over 600% on PHR , 1000% on DRGN and over 2000% on SNOV, just in December.
交易結束:目標達成: BOOM TARGET HIT.

Newsletter subscribers got ZCL call at $2.5, currently over 7000% up!

continue to HOLD for BTCP fork, we think this will go to $500+ end jan and BTCP to $500+ too.
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