ZCL, one more panic attack before new ATH's!

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
Analysis is on chart. Thanks!
評論: My apologies, I moved the text box below if there had been an issue seeing all of the information.

Potentially touch the support trend line @ range of .01232678 - .01305572 prior to reversing pattern until snapshot.

Expected price prior to snapshot between 2/24-2/28 @ range of .020 - .0210.
Chart is showing first big test will be @ .0180 then previous ATH of .01950.
Finally, I believe this analysis is supported by a potential bullish divergence between the RSI (14, close) and ZCL price.

Obviously any announcement from exchanges supporting the fork will have a drastic effect on the speed of the increase in price.

(This is not trading or financial advice, and any critiques or comments are welcome. Thanks and good luck!)
評論: I am expecting the event of "Potentially touch the support trend line @ range of .01232678 - .01305572 prior to reversing pattern until snapshot" to happen tonight around 11PM (EST). Could be the final low before the final move towards the snapshot date.
For the last pump exchange announcement will work as a catalyst. And IMO we have already seen ZCL ATH in BTC value.
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BStein87 hamzx6
@hamzx6, I agree about the last pump, and based on the timing of BTC's price I also agree that we have seen the ATH of ZCL alreaady. Good luck!
hamzx6 BStein87
@BStein87, I have seen many wrong ZCL charts and people spreading wrong knowledge here but Good luck!
snapshot is on 28 FEB right
so we can sell on 28 feb our zcl right ?
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Hommi WasiRehman
@WasiRehman, Please check the official btcp website for countdown timer :)
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BStein87 WasiRehman
@WasiRehman, Just be careful and don't pull the trigger early and miss out on the snapshot. I've heard of a few horror stories of that happening. Good luck!
hamzx6 BStein87
@BStein87, If you are holding coins on exchange then you won't get any BTCP, because there isn't any fork support announcement from bittrex or binance or any other major exchange. If they don't announce till 26th am gonna send my ZCL to zcl electrum wallet for free BTCP.
Do you think, that last support touch is behind us?
BStein87 Olek2933
@Olek2933, I apologize for the late response, but like I was hoping for ZCL dipped again with the whale play. I really don't know if it'll get pushed down lower than this new low of the trend of .01157475, anything lower feels pretty aggressive ha. Good luck!
hamzx6 BStein87
@BStein87, Whale and internal trading too strong on this coin. Rumors bittrex is doing internal trading and they are buying cheap zcl then if they announce fork support news they will sell at high prices but who knows.