ZEC and his travel to MARS

BITTREX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin

As usual coins who suffered since long weeks are my favorites type of investments.In these times of corrections of the king BITSTAMP:BTCUSD , i think that we should start to think of the seasonality . Most of the coins are at there bottoms vs BTC -11.76% and start to bounced well from there demand zones. If you believe in the blockchains technology and the cryptocurrencies revolution you should ask yourself am i here to earn more BTC's or more USD's. I let you think about that :-)

This is a primer analysis who shoud normally will be follow by many others.

Concerning BITTREX:ZECBTC ; after found his botom around 0.019 it grab the train to 0.40 and now searching the energy to get out of his bearish suffering.

So what's the plan ? You can join now or wait for the breakout above 0.048. Targets are on the charts. If ZEC have enough energy it will took the train for his major wave and it will be huge...

This is not for short term, it is an investment idea to some months (the goal is to limit the impact of the market noise ultra present on crypto so I take long waves for this trades)

All Thank's to ALLAH

Your suggestions and personnal views will be appreciate :-)

As many other alts...
交易進行: Hope you are in this train brothers and sisters :-)

We Ask Help of ALLAH.

Be ready for breakout .... ZEC have some huge coming months in term of features :-)

All thank's to ALLAH

Should not be so long to the start of engines

on the road for the take off
Seems Allah was bored and didn't want to pump it?
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