Zcash [ZECBTC] Strong Bullish Move

BITFINEX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
Zcash cracking downtrend in classic Reversal Pattern
Inverted Head & Shoulders

Im adding to my position now.

Safe entry: 0.0454

Target 1: 0.0753 ( H&S target)
Target 2: 0.0939
Target 3: 0.1120

Market Cap
$2 079 385 912 USD
141,154 BTC
Volume (24h)
$239 843 000 USD
16,281 BTC
Circulating Supply
3,018,156 ZEC

USD analysis:
交易進行: Target 1: 0.0753 ( H&S target)
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any update? still valid?
dont buy frnds vibe signal he has gvn thats wrong n loose my money
Hathrox dakshata
@dakshata, lmao
+4 回覆
still a buy at this price? @ArShevelev
+4 回覆
johnlawck crypto-nite
@crypto-nite, Why wouldn't you? You're still looking at 50% profit even at his first target.
0,047 right now, its going up !? @ArShevelev
Guys, are you still holding & waiting for upward trend?
It is now moving up :)
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