ZEC or ZCASH bouncing off 618 off to the MOON!

BINANCE:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
If you notice on the 4 hr . chart nice cup and handle formed and now on the way up. Bounced for the second time in the 618 fib and will test the all time highs for the first time. Look for 2 or 3 week trade at 75% or a little less. The upward trend lines also bounced twice if you notice. Remember, I'm no different from anyone else so I have to say it, I'm not your financial adviser, I am my own financial adviser and you and I should only do or make trades based on your own data, research, and analysis, NOT MINE. I will be the new KING of my own empire of wealth without partners. I like you but we are all here to make money for ourselves and not to give it away.
評論: We can see, we have a nice head and shoulders pattern that formed but need to point out on 1-30-18 it dipped to around .037064. With that being said I have a stop loss at .036563 because falling below the lowest point of the .618 is something to be careful about which would be going down to the next level of support at the which I will not carry the wicks .031045 and I can buy back in after I go and make more BTC elsewhere.
評論: So an update on my stop loss I had set at the .036563 which glad I had that planned out perfectly. Notice the huge support we have at the .030264 (.786) This is the level I've been waiting for in conjunction with BTC. As long as BTC can hold above the 9200 range (couple hundred give or take), we should set our limit buy's at the .786 . The head and shoulders pattern has formed nicely and waiting for the Moon to come. With Cyclic lines placed at the last lowest spot to the high, we would be looking at before the 24th of March for our big move North to the .618. Anything near the 41856 is big resistance and so I would watch for this level to fall back a little but not to much. By the time this happens, market will be in full throttle to put Mona back on track for above the all time high at .1 but may drop a little at .07 before continuing to rise!
As long as we don't cross under the .036421 were still good for a Breakout. Generally speaking when you have a breakout, then a breakdown, and lastly flatline, then comes a break out. Hope its coming soon.
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