ZECBTC Longterm Bullish outlook

BITFINEX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
Up late and saw an interesting pattern in ZCASH which I have been waiting for some signal we have bottomed. Well I think we are there and we are starting a new BULL Cycle. Let me know what you think. Feedback, ideas, and comments greatly appreciated.
Hi @goldbug1 !

Under EW theory, the ultimate Long Trend of something like the DJIA is always up because of the productivity of mankind, nature's laws, blah blah.

You hold that the ultimate Long Trend for Bitcoin is also up.

But with altcoins, can we conceive of a coin being worth more than 1 BTC and advancing on even further?

If we can't, then aren't all ALT-BTC charts ultimately in a Down Trend? If so, then what look like upward motive waves in a longterm trend to us are actually corrective waves in the largest degree of trend, right?

In ZEC for example, how does the 4-month plummet from 20 BTC to 0.0228 BTC figure into counting super cycle waves?

Should we be looking at ALT-BTC charts upside down?
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goldbug1 WillRoper
@WillRoper, Yes but only time will tell!

I think it has to do with how BTC is the only truly decentralized coin so it will be the gold of cryptos!
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Hi @goldbug1
What is the possible target price in this price correction?
your opinion, the zec will go home to 0.047?
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goldbug1 KingoVikingo
@KingoVikingo, Kingo, It has bottom and did not break through. If your looking for connect the dot numbers and times it will get there, you have the wrong person. I specifically said we bottomed and provided a path for the next bull move, I did not say Wednesday Sept 27th. Please feel free to follow someone else.
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goldbug1 KingoVikingo
@KingoVikingo, It's obvious now you really do not know what your even looking at. I'm sure there are at least a dozen or so that will provide the BTC to 12,000 your expecting with swirlies that mean nothing, and throw some color on a chart, I'm not one of them. Please move on.
@goldbug1, Just admitted dude, your broke as a joke.
goldbug1 KingoVikingo
@KingoVikingo, Your right now, got me, now quit trolling and move on. I have no need for you, you bring nothing to the table but criticism of others.
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@goldbug1, Alright bro, GL.
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