ZECUSD That Highly Profitable SWAG Cross


The SWAG Cross happened and as usual price will go up until there's confirmation of resistance. Wait for another buying pattern within 24-hours.

Note: Price alerts are always helpful
評論: Grab that 16% and protect the profit!
評論: the next possible entries are in the zone of 340 and 342, stick to the same strategy cut at -3% if things don't work according to plan, else let the upside take care of itself
評論: If you like what you see, you can drop token/s to my BTC wallet: 1Gxe7v8XaovSGuS1tVHXWEzbMcLmZ6uXSr
交易進行: and we have that jump!
評論: If you want to update the chart just click the play button at the lower right of the chart
評論: New traders should not follow! :P
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