ZEC Will Skyrocket

Many people here are breaking down the charts on the short-to-mid-term, but just take a look at the weekly chart. Between the weekly and the obvious cup and handle and numerous bullish signals you can spot on the 4 hour and dailies, ZEC is possibly my favorite long-term bet. It may yield results faster than anticipated.

ETH and LTC are getting a lot of attention lately as the favorite altcoins to rise, but I think ZEC is going under the radar as the best pick. It has the most pressure, it's the farthest from it's ATH's in terms of percentages, and I'd say it has the most to rise. Let everyone ditch their coins and FOMO chase ZEC after you're already in.
評論: On track for a breakout. ZEC looks amazing on a technical level. In addition, its fundamentals are perhaps even more promising for the future; with privacy likely to become more important in crypto, ZEC is likely to be a safe-haven for many investors who desire anonymity and will likely serve as a medium of private currency exchange.

I'm super bullish on ZEC long-term. Let's keep watching!
評論: Thrusters have engaged. Moon inbound.

ZEC and DASH tend to trade closely. When one breaks away, they always consolidate. Right now there's an 81% price difference between ZEC and DASH, the highest ever being 84%. They never go more than 60 days (so far) without crossing paths again. We are at 55 days. Dash is at a recent surge, and has separated itself from ZEC for 55 days.

I believe this is further bullish for ZEC, as it will now "catch up" closer into the range of DASH. The higher DASH goes and more stable at those high prices it is, the more likely ZEC will catch up to that price point, within 10%.

The alternative is that DASH drops dramatically, or the two meet in the middle. All things would appear bullish for ZEC.
評論: And we have liftoff.
Hell of a call, bro!
@Xatos, thank you
Good analysis :) Personally, going to wait for confirmation of break before I buy in though
Xatos FatMoneyBagz
@FatMoneyBagz, Party time.
+1 回覆
Johnsonysu FatMoneyBagz
@FatMoneyBagz, What you reckon is confirmation?
FatMoneyBagz Johnsonysu

Well, my style of trading is based off support/resistance levels

Here is my perspective on the 4hr

Along with my perspective of the weekly
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