ZEC Short

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ZEC:USD has in my opinion done a 5 wave Elliot pattern.
I was able to count all three impulse waves, breaking each down into another five impulses
An ABC flat-ish has completed and I am seeing an impulse failure at X. Or one could call an A and B completion.

Bitcoin looks like it's ready to make another move down, but that's another story.
評論: Bearish MACD andRSI divergence can be seen as well
forgot to mention that
評論: The price is going to bounce inside the channel a bit. Maybe one or two more touches of the resistance, first bouncing off a .236 fib level, and then down towards T1
評論: target 1 reached
評論: T2 area reached
評論: T3 reached
交易結束:目標達成: Patience is key, all targets reached, took 8 days. Analysis accuracy 100%. Entry was stopped out, called the X too early. But the stop just touched so reentering the position would have been wise, as one can now see.
Closing position.
Any updates man ? stop loss triggered :'(
Tuu3ex1a BobFlynn
@BobFlynn, I added more to my position, picking up more at above the previous entry prices. This is not an exact science. I know myself, and I know I tend to get in a bit earlier than I should. So I start to ladder in at no more than 20% of my allocated capital for the trade. Then I see where it goes.
There us a lot more to trading than just the charts.
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BobFlynn Tuu3ex1a
@Tuu3ex1a, Same on my side, buying pressure got weakened. And i'm pretty sure the little spike up above 380USD was a short squeeze.
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+1 good job bro !
Tuu3ex1a BobFlynn
@BobFlynn, thank you
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