$ZRX Major Bump with Paradex Beta launch yesterday. Bull Flag

BINANCE:ZRXBTC   0x / Bitcoin
$ZRX had a major catalyst with the Paradex Beta launching yesterday. The bump we saw will be nothing like when it comes out of Beta. Paradex looks beautiful and from everything I have seen, its working like a charm. The only concern I ever had about $ZRX was if the beta turned into a disaster but its all glowing reviews so far. Could have an issue if load negatively affects the system but with its decentralized nature, I see nothing but moon on $ZRX. Safest 10x in my portfolio even though its a long term hold (Target $30 by end of year). Been riding it since $0.22

Short Term: Bull Flag was forming but it already broke out of it. We'll have to see where it goes from here but expecting we'll see other good entries for the late comers.
Long Term: Nothing but moon. Safe coin with 10x potential. My portfolio is heavy in $ZRX
thanks for the update. I am long zrx
Tilt101 coldfire007
@coldfire007, Good call. Favorite coin for a while.
@CryptoLink, would you buy airswap, do you have other cryptos that are less than a billion supply
Tilt101 coldfire007
@coldfire007, Haven't looked at Airswap. Will take a look. Feel free to join our discord to discuss other coins as well https://discord.gg/nCnHr2e
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