BINANCE:ZRXBTC   0x / Bitcoin
Updated with 1 Day chart analysis. Breakout. DYOR. Please follow if this chart helps you make dough! :) :) :)
Apr 12
評論: So we've broken out of the Pennant and are sitting at 9000+ Satoshis. Be patient, watch BTC price, RSI and MA's, we have a nice 12% profit. It's your decision to take your profits or if you see an increase to risk the additional profits. I've taken about 60% off the top so that my risk is 0. Maybe something to consider. Or go for the home run....your choice!!!!! Please comment with your own TA...Much Love, much appreciate you!
Apr 12
評論: *or if you see an increase in risk...forego additional profits* (sorry for the typo)
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