Trading Idea for ZRX

BINANCE:ZRXBTC   0x / Bitcoin
Potential 'Wave 5' incoming for ZRX.

For more information about 0x go to:
評論: Following the listing on Bitfinex, the medium term-target and extension were achieved.

$ZRX is now consolidating in 'Bullish Pennant' and generally looking very positive despite the FUD relating to the recent news from South Korea.

Still holding 100% of my position in anticipation of another move to the upside.
Hi @MasterOfCoinage , are you still holding on to your position? Any updates? Thanks a lot :-)
MasterOfCoinage A_Cryptastic_Mind

Yes I'm still holding 100% of my original position.

I will post an updated $ZRX chart once the market settles a bit but considering the sell-off we just saw in $Crypto as a whole, $ZRX appears to be one of the first to have healthy bounce.
Had the same idea, seems like a nice steady growth. Good project too. I'm going to buy now and sell at the end of the 3 dip trend waves, what are your thoughts?
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MasterOfCoinage marchianochotoe
@marchianochotoe - Definitely a good one IMO.

Might be forming a 'Cup & Handle' at the moment, so if it breaks 9000 Sats we could hit my target this week.

I expect $ZRX to do well longer-term as well.
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lemonsandshade MasterOfCoinage
@MasterOfCoinage, this is definitely gonna be a great one to hold this year!!
Wave 3 can't be the shortest wave in EW theory
@speedhall - Fair enough.

I could've / should've drawn it as a 3-Drives.

It's a habit (perhaps a bad habit) of mine to illustrate using EW.
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