Swing or scalping GOLD [RickAtwood]

Swing or scalping - automatically determine the currently active trends. Various moving averages are used. It is also designed for any type of trader from scalping to swing.

The key 3 moving averages are designed to identify support and resistance . If the price bounces off them, boldly open and place a stop of 10-20 pips(currency pairs)

buy ---> green candles
sell ----> red candles

There are alerts for buy and sell based on crossovers

If the price is above the cloud then buy. If the price is below the cloud then sell. The main thing is to open deals only at the very beginning when the price starts to leave the cloud. Also, your stops will be minimal.

When testing this system, we opened 750 trades manually. Success rate of 71% for currency pairs and for gold

P.s If you have any questions about how to open, how to close deals. Always write to me, I will help you) Success to all.


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