Open Interest S

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This script shows Open Interest. You can choose measure, view and highlight large OI changes based on Z-Score.

  • Measure USD or COIN
  • View OI Candles or OI Change columns with wicks
  • Z-Score Highlight Z Length is the period for calculations, Z Threshold is the standard
    deviation from the average change in OI for the selected period
  • Color You can change the colors for OI
Added an additional source Binance USD.P OI, if you wish you can disable it in the settings, it works for all pairs on Binance Futures

For correct work of the indicator you need to use Binance USDT.P pairs. If you are using other pairs and open interest is not measured in coins, change the Measure settings to COIN and disable Binance USD.P OI to get raw data.
Added feature to override the pair to Binance USDT.P, it is enabled by default, now you can see Binance OI on any pair including spot and other exchanges that do not have OI on TradingView.


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