IO_Volatility Quality Zero Line

This is the Volatility Quality Zero Line Indicator. This indicator measures volatility strength.
發布通知: Minor code edits
發布通知: v1.1 : Added Settings and Thresholds
發布通知: Fixed Typos.. The way to use the indicator:

Green is BULLISH

Red/Fuchsia is BEARISH


Feel free to play around with Thresholds. If you're comparing this against the MT4 version, I have applied a factor of 1000 in VQ0. So 0.003 in MT4 means 3 in this version.
發布通知: V2.0 : Made changes to display right values across multiple TF and asset classes
發布通知: v2.1 Minor code edits
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how can i modify it to be more sensitive? the current stock settings are never changing color, even during massive trends.
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GnomeSagn djporter91
@djporter91, change the vq0_th value from 0.002 to 0.0002 and the colors will start to work the way they are supposed to.
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