Supertrend Screener LABEL

This screens for Supertrend reversal's in 10 different securities. The main logic for the screener is taken from "Simple Custom Screener in Pinescript" by QuantNomad with his permission. If the label color is not visible due to the text in it being white colored, then choose a different color from settings. Also added a simple supertrend to it.

Terminology explanation:
Confirmed Reversal: Supertrend reversal that happened in the last bar and cannot be repainted.
Potential Reversal: Supertrend reversal that might happen in the current bar but can also not happen depending upon the timeframe closing price.
Uptrend/Downtrend : Shows all the tickers that are either currently in uptrend or downtrend.
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Amazing Work , is it possible in screener under uptrend text turns green and in downtrend the color shows red ? in potential upside reversal it turns yellow and potential downside it turns orange ? and confirm reversal upsdie aqua and confirmed downtrend black ??
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@Nfaizan, thanks, i dont think so most likely you will need to create multiple labels if want to change color for text. also that will create problems with overlapping labels so will have to position it in such a way such that the texts dont overlap. a simpler solution would be to just add emojis inside the text something like 🟩 🟥 🟨
Nfaizan zzzcrypto123
@zzzcrypto123, Thanks for the reply , can you share a sample version of emojis ?
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@Nfaizan, something like

up_label := up01 ? up_label + '🟩 ' + t1 + '🟩 \n' : up_label

dn_label := dn01 ? dn_label + '🟥' + t1 + '🟥 \n' : dn_label
Nfaizan zzzcrypto123
@zzzcrypto123, Thank you So much sir
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I have getting error of below
ine 10: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 11: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 12: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 13: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 4: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 5: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 6: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 7: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 8: Using argument with the same name 'title'
line 9: Using argument with the same name 'title'
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@Kamald12, its warning not error, however just change this line from
t1 = input(title="Ticker1", title=input.symbol, defval="BINANCE:BTCUSDT" )


t1 = input(title="Ticker1", type=input.symbol, defval="BINANCE:BTCUSDT" )

and it should be fixed
thanks!!!great job!
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zzzcrypto123 Th3mA5tEr0n
@Th3mA5tEr0n, you're welcome
Wow, great scanners you have created. How about MACD Leader Scanner from the script by Lazy bear i.e alerts when the leader line crosses the 0 line. Thanks
The Macd Leader Source Code:// @author LazyBear

study("MACD Leader ", shorttitle="MACDL_LB")
shortLength = input(12, title="Fast Length")
longLength = input(26, title="Slow Length")
sigLength = input(9, title="Signal Length")
ma(s,l) => ema(s,l)
sema = ma( src, shortLength )
lema = ma( src, longLength )
i1 = sema + ma( src - sema, shortLength )
i2 = lema + ma( src - lema, longLength )
macdl = i1 - i2

plot( macdl, title="MACDLeader", color=maroon, linewidth=2)
plot(showMACD?macd:na, title="MACD", color=green)
plot(showMACDSignal?sma(macd, sigLength):na, title="Signal", color=red)
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