Anchored Moving Averages - Interactive

What is an Anchored Moving Average?

An anchored moving average (AMA) is created when you select a point on the chart and start calculating the moving average from there.
Thus the moving average’s denominator is not fixed but cumulative and dynamic. It is similar to an Anchored VWAP, but neglecting the volume data, which may be useful when this data is not reliable and you want to focus just on price.

Main Features

This interactive indicator allows you to select 3 different points in time to plot their respective moving averages. As soon as you add the indicator to your chart you will be asked to click on the 3 different points where you want to start the calculation for each moving average.

Each AMA (Anchored Moving Average) will be colored according to its slope, using a gradient defined by two user chosen colors in the indicator menu.

The default source for the calculation is the pivot price (HLC3) but can also be modified in the menu.




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