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Hi Friends,

Here the trading made easy with Signals...

The main purpose of this indicator is to identify the Support and Resistance levels well in advance to make ourselves ready for the Entries with confidence..

With this indicator we will be able to identify the Market Structure and Trend to initiate our trades.

Multi Timeframe Concepts are considered in some cases to capture the Golden Zones.

Details of the Indicator:

Method of Trading – Intraday, Positional or Swing – Indices, Stocks and Commodity Markets

Golden Zones : When two or more indicator levels are confluences at one price point which will act as Strong Support and Resistance in the Market. That is called Golden Zone.

CPR & Pivot (Daily / Weekly / Monthly) – Based on the previous Timeframe values, it will automatically calculates the Support and Resistance values for the upcoming Sessions.

BUY / SELL Levels (W-Refers the Weekly levels) – Possible Reversal in the market we can expect at this price level. Depends on the Time frame (Daily/Weekly)

Bull BO / Bear BO (W-Refers the Weekly levels) – Possible Breakout level, If breakout happens price will move to reach the Target 1 and 2 Points based on which side the price breaks ( BULLISH / BEARISH ). We can initiate our BUY/SELL Entries.

Target 1 & Target 2 – Once the Price breaks the Breakout (Bull BO / Bear BO) levels, it will try to reach the Target Points where we can book our profits.

Tomorrow Levels - This will help us to enable the next day trading session Support and Resistance Levels in advance to do pre-analysis to prepare for the Entry and Exits.

Colored Candles : Lime Green and Violet colored candles will indicate the Possible Trend Reversals.

Triangles : Orange and Violet triangles will indicate the Confirmation of Trend Reversal.

BUY / SELL Signal – Considering the momentum and the Trend change it will suggest the possible entry time.

Dashboard :

1. Weekly Trend : This will indicate how the current week trend is going to be – Trending / Sideways
2. Today – Current Session expectation in the Market ( Bullish / Bearish )
3. Sentiment – Indicates the Traders mind set (Positive/Negative Side)
4. Range - This will indicate how the current Day trend is going to be – Trending / Sideways
5. MB / MA Trend – This identifies the major trend (Is the Stock / script in Up Trend or Down Trend)
6. Other Parameters – Will indicates the present situation in the market
7. RSI Values – This is to know and understand the momentum of the particular script

Levels Name Explanations:

1. DPP – Daily Pivot Point
2. WPP – Weekly Pivot Point
3. WTC – Weekly Top Central Pivot
4. WBC – Weekly Bottom Central Pivot
5. PDH – Previous Day High
6. PDL – Previous Day Low
7. PWH – Previous Week High
8. PWL – Previous Week Low
9. PMH – Previous Month High
10. PML - Previous Month Low
11. WR1, WR2 – Weekly Resistance Levels 1 & 2
12. WS1, WS2 – Weekly Support 1 & 2
13. 5m 200 EMA – 5 Minutes 200 Period Exponential Moving Average
14. 15m 200 EMA – 15 Minutes 200 Period Exponential Moving Average
15. 1H 200 EMA – 1 Hour 200 Period Exponential Moving Average
16. 1H 200 SMA – 1 Hour 100 Period Simple Moving Average
17. 1D 200 EMA – Daily TF 100 Period Exponential Moving Average


To turn ON and OFF any of these levels if it does not require, Go to Indicator Settings and disable the specific levels.


You can enable the Buy / Sell signal Alerts by creating new alert.

To Access the Indicator:

If you want to know more about the indicator & to access for your trading please check the link in the signature below.

If you have any doubts please mention it in the comment section.
Looking forward your valuable comments and feedbacks to improve further in accuracy of our Trading.

發布通知: Small bugs were corrected.
發布通知: Adding VWAP and VWMA Trend in the Dashboard which indicates the Price Direction
發布通知: Some Customization done on the Settings page done. But No Change in the Chart
發布通知: Removed unwanted indicators.
發布通知: Some bugs were fixed.. and Target points were added to Tomorrow / Next day Levels
發布通知: Added Value Area Levels - VAH, VAL & POC (Daily / Weekly) which you can see as Label. If you need lines go to settings and enable the Money Zone History this will plot you the lines on your chart.
發布通知: Small Bug were corrected
發布通知: Improved the Signal accuracy.
發布通知: Due to error, Value area has been removed, which will be created separately with new indicator.

Added Developing CPR - BC & TC levels
發布通知: Based on the users request Daily Mid Point has been added
發布通知: As we had new Update in Tradingview that Volume for Nifty and Banknifty Spot has been added. So I'm adding Value Area again to indicator based on most user requests.
發布通知: Few Bugs and color formats where corrected
發布通知: New Version released with few updates on Trading type and Levels..
發布通知: Few Bugs Corrected
發布通知: Enhanced the tool with - Predicated High / Low Zone for Daily, Weekly, Month Timeframe Trades
  • We can look for BUY entry at Lower Zone (Green Highlighted) and SELL entry at Higher Zone (Red Highlighted)
    90% of the time Price will trade in Range between these two zones
    Any breakout above or below Zones we can see violent price move
發布通知: Updated the Predicted High - Low levels for Daily, Weekly timeframes. For Daily it will show weekly High Low level and for Weekly it will show Monthly High Low levels.
  • You need to extend the channel on the left hand side of your chart until the Week or Month Start time - by using drawing tool manually. Because it will show only a portion of 6 Hrs range current trading session.
發布通知: One more update - Enable "Show Only Predicted High Low Level" in Settings to see only the Predicted Zones which will turn off all other lines and labels.

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