Booz Strategy

Booz Backtesting : Booz Backtesting is a method for analyzing the performance of your current trading strategy . Booz Backtesting aims to help you generate results and evaluate risk and return without risking real capital.

The Booz Backtesting is the Booz Super Swing Indicator equivalent but gives you the ability to backtest data on different charts.

This is an Indicator created for the purpose of identifying trends in Multiple Markets, it is based on Moving Average Crossover and extra features.

Swing Trading: This function allows you to navigate the entire trend until it is not strong enough, so you can compare it with fixed parameters such as Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Take Profit and Stop Loss function: With this function you will be able to choose the most optimal parameters and see in real time the results in order to choose the best combination of parameters.

Leverage : We have this function for the futures markets where you can check which is the most appropriate leverage for your operation.

Trend Filter: allows you to take multiple entries in the same direction of the market.

If the market crosses below the 200 moving average, it will take only short entries.

If the market crosses above the 200 moving average, it will take only long entries.

Charting from 1 Hour, 4 Hour, Daily, Weekly, Weekly

Markets :Booz Backtesting can be tested in Cryptocurrency, Stocks and Futures markets.

Background Color : at a glance, you can see what cycle the market is in.

Green background : Shows that the market is in a bullish cycle.
Red background: Shows that the market is in a bearish cycle.


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