Waddah Attar Explosion with TDI

First of all, a big shoutout to @shayankm, @LazyBear, @Bromley, @Goldminds and @LuxAlgo, the ones that made this script possible.

This is a version of Waddah Attar Explosion with Traders Dynamic Index.
WAE provides volume and volatility information. Also, WAE calculation was changed to a full-on MACD, to provide the momentum: the idea is to "assess" which MACD bars have significant momentum (i.e. crossover the Explosion Line)
TDI provides momentum, divergences as well as overbought and oversold areas. There is also a RSI on a different timeframe, for convergence.

Almost everything is editable:
- All moving averages are customizable, including the TRAMA, from @LuxAlgo

Waddah Attar Explosion_
- Three different crossing signals: histogram crossing contracting Explosion Line, expanding Explosion Line and ascending Explosion Line while both Bolling Bands are expanding; Explosion Line shows different color when expanding.
- Explosion line signals: Below DeadZone line and Exhaustion (highest value in a given lookback period). You can set a predefined EPL slope to filter out some noise.
- Deadzone signal : Deadzone squeeze ( lowst value in a given lookback period)

- Overbought an Oversold signals. The OB and OS shapes have two colors, in order to display extreme signals on current timeframe or extreme signals on current and different time frame.
- Visual display of RSI outside the Bollinger Bands, and crossing of RSI Moving Average crossing of zero line.

I believe this combination is great for so many reasons!
Like the idea of TTM Squeeze? You can tune the Deadzone and Explosion lines to look for a volatility breakout
Like trading divergences or want to filter out extreme areas? The RSI is great for that
You like the using the MACD strategy but don't like the amount of false signals given? this WAE version filters some of them out.
If you are a Bollinger bands fan, you can customize both indicators to trade breakouts and/or mean reversion strategies, and filter out exhaustion of the bands expansion

This is my first publication, so give it a go and provide feedback if possible.

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