Soheil PKO's 5 min Hitman Scalp - 3MA + Laguerre RSI + ADX [Pt]

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Someone sent me this strategy found on YouTube. It is Soheil PKO's "The Best and Most Profitable Scalping Strategy" Best way to find out is to code it =)

This strategy uses Moving Average Ribbon, Laguerre RSI, and ADX. This script only displays the MA ribbon, you will need to add Laguerre RSI and ADX separately.

Long Entry Criteria:
- 16 EMA > 48 EMA > 200 SMA
- Laguerre RSI > 80
- ADX > 20

Long Exit Criterion:
- 16 EMA < 48 EMA

Short Entry Criteria:
- 16 EMA < 48 EMA < 200 SMA
- Laguerre RSI < 20
- ADX > 20

Short Exit Criterion:
- 16 EMA > 48 EMA

As mentioned in the video, risk management is very important, especially for scalping strategies. Therefore, I've added option for setting Stop Loss and Price Target in the options for you guys to play with.

All parameters are configurable.


Added options for 1 entry per trigger for using fixed SL / PT
Updated with options to change entry threshold for LaRSI

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