Fabonacci Trailer - [Alerts]

This script comes with the following indicators and features:

  • ADX indicator
  • Chop indicator
  • Super Trend indicator
  • Trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • Entry, Take Profit, and Stop Loss Alerts
  • Renko chart support
  • And a few more indicators in the back-end to increase accuracy and optimize entries

This script works really well as a scalper on lower Time Frames as well as on higher Time Frames. Besides that you can also use it on pretty much any coin or asset.

This script is not repainting. We advise to use alerts on “Once Per Bar Close”.

If you’d like to automate this script you can do that by using AutoView, ProfitView, ProfitTrailer, CryptoHopper etc.

Please note that this script is based on invite only.
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