Bitcoin Correlation Map

Hello everyone,
This indicator shows the correlation coefficients of altcoins with bitcoin in a table.
What is the correlation coefficient?
The correlation coefficient is a value that takes a value between 0 and 1 when a parity makes similar movements with the reference parity, and takes a value between 0 and -1 when it makes opposite movements.

In order to obtain more meaningful and real-time results in this indicator, the weighted average of the correlation values of the last 200bar was used. You can change the bar length as you wish. With the correlation value, you can see the parities that have similar movements with bitcoin and integrate them into your strategy.

You can change the coin list as you wish, and you can also calculate their correlation with etherium instead of bitcoin .
The indicator shows the correlation value of 36 altcoins at the moment.

The indicator indicates the color of the correlated parities as green and the color of the inversely correlated parities as red.



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