Strong Potential Asset Strategy (EMA + EMA)

During experiments with the market, I found out that simple strategy is the best solution. However, I decided to bring some of my ideas on the 2 MA strategy.
- Instead of SMA - there will be 2 EMA , so the strategy will be more sensitive to the latest data;
- There is an option, which regulates the difference between those 2 EMAs, this should protect us from false trend enter;
- There is an option "Exit tolerance", which regulates how much could be the difference between 2 EMAs after crossover. This supposed to protect us from the false trend exit.

Hope this will be helpful :)




Forgot to mention that this strategy is supposed to be used only on strong, consistently growing assets (like from the title).
Dos it has bug。without any indication?
@movicky, should be everything ok. If there are no deals on chart, it's probably because you need to adjust parameters to the asset you use. The default parameters might be not suitable for your case.