Jager's Constant

This is just for those that follow me(if you want to test and give me feed back let me know I'll add you) and BTW this will not help you make calls this is just a variable, however, I made a huge breakthrough and have found market consistency, feel free to test and to break it down, as long as you stay in the parameters you have chosen(Time Dilation and Time Displacement), my indicator will remain in any Time frame of your choosing and you will find that the Oscillator will stay in the same range in every market and in every time, Crypto, Indices, Equities, options, etc. Yes it would seem it rivals "Planck's" consent but in market emotions instead of photon energy. There is about 5 parts to my equation and this is only the first one I have solved, took me only 8 months, I am hoping the rest go easier.

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