Yesterday's open, high, low and close

A very simple script to plot the yesterday's OHLC, to be used in an intraday graph.

There were other scripts like this, but their code was ugly, filthy, smelly, and WET, so I did this.
發布通知: You can now choose to hide historical values.
發布通知: Fixed the last bar bug that was displaying current day values. Very annoying.
發布通知: Wrong graph ops
發布通知: Ok now the graph should be right and working.
發布通知: In Forex pairs, new data was being retrieved 1 candle before the closing of the day. Now it should be fixed.
發布通知: Now you can select which timeframe do you want to pull the data from, so you choose to plot the last week OHLC, or the last month.
發布通知: The script is now useful on daily and weekly charts, and you can set the period so that lines are shown on the chart.
發布通知: I changed the default style of the lines to be the regular lines instead of the step lines, so now, if you have selected the display current values options, the lines should be visible even at the start of the day.
發布通知: Now the prices should correctly be displayed in extended sessions, which required me to make a very big "gambiarra".

I also added an option to show the prices for tomorrow, but it's a bit ugly, since PineScript doesn't let me use the "time_trading_day" of the next day.

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