This indicator provides you with 55 levels! with labels to help you identify quickly where current price is in relation to the OPEN, CLOSE, HIGH OF DAY and LOW OF DAY to a respective level. Choose from levels as low as the 5 minute time frame all the way up to 200 days. All of the levels except the day's OPEN, HIGH OF DAY AND LOW OF DAY use the PREVIOUS time frame's level. In other words, when you're looking at the "1 DAY HIGH", that's actually the previous day's HIGH OF DAY. Whether you're a scalper on the lower time frames or a swing trader that mainly uses the 1 hour and above, these candle levels can be an invaluable source of support and resistance; in other words you'll often see price bounce off of a level (whether price is increasing or decreasing) once or multiple times and that could be an indication of a price's direction. Another way that you could utilize this indicator is to use it in confluence with other popular signals, such as an EMA crossover. For instance, you could watch as price rises above the 21 EMA all the while price is also crossing up and over the previous day's HIGH OF DAY with a relative volume that's double that of the previous week's average. These are just a few of some potential bullish signals that you could look for to go long on a trade using the candle levels provided.

I've made this indicator extremely customizable:

⚡Each level has 2 labels: 1 "at level" and 1 "at right", each label and price can be disabled

⚡Each label has its own input for label padding. The "at right" label padding input allows you to zoom in and out of a chart without the labels moving along their respective axis

⚡Each label's text can be customized via an "input.string" code base

⚡Each level's label can be changed via a plot style setting to determine if the label is centered with it's respective level or rides along the top of it

⚡Significant figures input allows you to round price up or down

⚡A "bias EMA" tool that color codes the candles and price line to show you where price is in relation to the 21 EMA (or another value that you pick). As a result, this can be an effective visual to help reduce cognitive load

⚡A "fill level" where color is determined by price opening above or below the previous day's close

⚡A "use current close" setting that's great to use in pre-market as it shows you where price is in relation to the previous days' close


🙏Thanks to (c)satymahajan for the inspiration behind the ATR "previous close" and "bias candle" code base
🙏Thanks to my mentor (c)SimpleCryptoLife for the libraries and extensive code to help create this indicator

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