LNL Keltner Candles

LNL Keltner Candles

This indicator plots mean reversion (reversal) arrows with custom painted candles based on the price touch or close above or below keltner channel limits (upper & lower bands). This study was created primarily for swing trading & higher time frames such as daily and weekly. Lower time frames might result in more false signals.

Mean Reversal Arrows:

1. Reversal Arrow Up - If the price drops below the lower band extremes, reversal up is the trigger for a bullish mean reversion.
2. Reversal Arrow Down - Once the price reach the higher band extremes, reversal down is the trigger for a bearish mean reversion.

The Concept of Mean Reversion:

There are just two types of moves in any market: The market is either expanding from the mean or retracing back to the mean. These reversions & epxansions are happening across all types of markets. The goal of this study is to catch the powerful mean reversion from extremes back to the mean. Once the candles light up green / red, it is time to look for the reversal (purple) arrow which triggers the mean reversion setup. Mean reversion is not about catching the next big swing turn to new highs or lows. It is all about the base hits = the mean. So the target here is always the average price. The idea here is to catch the average market ebbs & flows, not the next home run.

What Do I Mean by Mean?

Mean is usually the average price from the last 20-30 bars. Basically something like a 20 MA or Keltner Channel or Bollinger Band midline are really good visual representators of the mean (average price).

Hope it helps.


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