RSI Divergence Strategy

what is "RSI Divergence Strategy"?
it is a RSI strategy based this indicator:
what it does?
it gives buy or sell signals according to RSI Divergences. it also has different variables such as "take profit", "stop loss" and trailing stop loss.

how it does it?
it uses the "RSI Divergence" indicator to give signal. For detailed information on how it works, you can visit the link above. The quantity of the inputs is proportional to the rsi values. Long trades are directly traded with "RSI" value, while short poses are traded with "100-RSI" value.

How to use it?
The default settings are for scalp strategy but can be used for any type of trading strategy. you can develop different strategies by changing the sections. It is quite simple to use.
RSI length is length of RSİ
source is source of RSİ
RSİ Divergence lenght is length of line on the RSI
The "take profit", "stop" and "trailing stop" parts used in the "buy" group only affect buys. The "sell" group is similarly independent of the variables in the "buy" group.
The "zoom" section is used to enlarge or reduce the indicator. it only changes the appearance, it does not affect the results of the strategy.


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