ICT IPDA Liquidity Matrix By AlgoCados

The ICT IPDA Liquidity Matrix by AlgoCados is a sophisticated trading tool that integrates the principles of the Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm (IPDA), as taught by The Inner Circle Trader (ICT). This indicator is meticulously designed to support traders in identifying key institutional levels and liquidity zones, enhancing their trading strategies with data-driven insights. Suitable for both day traders and swing traders, the tool is optimized for high-frequency and positional trading, providing a robust framework for analyzing market dynamics across multiple time horizons.

# Key Features

Multi-Time Frame Analysis

  • High Time Frame (HTF) Levels: The indicator tracks critical trading levels over multiple days, specifically at 20, 40, and 60-day intervals. This functionality is essential for identifying long-term trends and significant support and resistance levels that aid in strategic decision-making for swing traders and positional traders.

  • Low Time Frame (LTF) Levels: It monitors price movements within 20, 40, and 60-hour intervals on lower time frames. This granularity provides a detailed view of intraday price actions, which is crucial for scalping and short-term trading strategies favored by day traders.

Daily Open Integration: The indicator includes the daily opening price, providing a crucial reference point that reflects the market's initial sentiment. This feature helps traders assess the market's direction and volatility, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the day's early movements, which is particularly useful for day trading strategies.

IPDA Reference Points: By leveraging IPDA's 20, 40, and 60-period lookbacks, the tool identifies Key Highs and Lows, which are used by IPDA as Draw On Liquidity. IPDA is an electronic and algorithmic system engineered for achieving price delivery efficiency, as taught by ICT. These reference points serve as benchmarks for understanding institutional trading behavior, allowing traders to align their strategies with the dominant market forces and recognize institutional key levels.

Dynamic Updates and Overlap Management: The indicator is updated daily at the beginning of a new daily candle with the latest market data, ensuring that traders operate with the most current information. It also features intelligent overlap management that prioritizes the most relevant levels based on the timeframe hierarchy, reducing visual clutter and enhancing chart readability.

Comprehensive Customization Options: Traders can tailor the indicator to their specific needs through an extensive input menu. This includes toggles for visibility, line styles, color selections, and label display preferences. These customization options ensure that the tool can adapt to various trading styles and preferences, enhancing user experience and analytical capabilities.

User-Friendly Interface: The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface that includes clear, concise labels for all significant levels. It supports various font families and sizes, making it easier to interpret and act upon the displayed data, ensuring that traders can focus on making informed trading decisions without being overwhelmed by unnecessary information.

# Usage Note

The indicator is segmented into two key functionalities:

LTF Displays: The Low Time Frame (LTF) settings are exclusive to timeframes up to 1 hour, providing detailed analysis for intraday traders. This is crucial for traders who need precise and timely data to make quick decisions within the trading day.

HTF Displays: The High Time Frame (HTF) settings apply to the daily timeframe and any shorter intervals, allowing for comprehensive analysis over extended periods. This is beneficial for swing traders looking to identify broader trends and market directions.

# Inputs and Configurations


  • Offset: Adjustable setting to shift displayed data horizontally for better visibility, allowing traders to view past levels and make informed decisions based on historical data.

  • Label Styles: Choose between compact or verbose label formats for different levels, offering flexibility in how much detail is displayed on the chart.

  • Daily Open Line: Customizable line style and color for the daily opening price, providing a clear visual reference for the start of the trading day.

  • HTF Levels: Configurable high and low lines for HTF with options for style and color customization, allowing traders to highlight significant levels in a way that suits their trading style.

  • LTF Levels: Similar customization options for LTF levels, ensuring flexibility in how data is presented, making it easier for traders to focus on the most relevant intraday levels.

  • Text Utils: Settings for font family, size, and text color, allowing for personalized display preferences and ensuring that the chart is both informative and aesthetically pleasing.

# Advanced Features

Overlap Management: The script intelligently handles overlapping levels, particularly where multiple timeframes intersect, by prioritizing the more significant levels and removing redundant ones. This ensures that the charts remain clear and focused on the most critical data points, allowing traders to concentrate on the most relevant market information.

Real-Time Updates: The indicator updates its calculations at the start of each new daily bar, incorporating the latest market data to provide timely and accurate trading signals. This real-time updating is crucial for traders who rely on up-to-date information to execute their strategies effectively and make informed trading decisions.

# Example Use Cases

Scalpers/Day traders: Can utilize the LTF features to make rapid decisions based on hourly market movements, identifying short-term trading opportunities with precision.

Swing Traders: Will benefit from the HTF analysis to identify broader trends and key levels that influence longer-term market movements, enabling them to capture significant market swings.

By providing a clear, detailed view of key market dynamics, the ICT IPDA Liquidity Matrix by AlgoCados empowers traders to make more informed and effective trading decisions, aligning with institutional trading methodologies and enhancing their market understanding.

# Usage Disclaimer

This tool is designed to assist in trading decisions, but it should be used in conjunction with other analysis methods and risk management strategies. Trading involves significant risk, and it is essential to understand the market conditions thoroughly before making trading decisions.


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