Multi SMA's

Republished: The original script violated house rules by including an external link to Backtest Rookies.


This is a simple “multi” SMA indicator so that multiple SMA’s can be monitored whilst only using a single indicator slot. It also has a couple of features that let you mix time frames and de-clutter the chart.

The code is open for anyone to modify and a copy

About the Indicator

Although the indicator does nothing more than it says on the tin, There are a couple of points worth mentioning:

  • The indicator will let you view up to 4 SMA’s
  • You can set the period for each SMA independently
  • You can set the resolution for each SMA independently (So you can see the see the daily SMA level when on the 15-minute chart for example)
  • Each SMA can be turned on/off independently to avoid clutter.

Screenshot - Default Settings


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