RSI over screener (any tickers)

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This screener allow you to watch up to 240 any tickers you need to check RSI overbought and oversold using multiple periods, including the percentage of RSIs of different periods being overbought/oversold, as well as the average between these multiple RSIs.

LuxAlgo for his RSI over multi length I made function for this RSI and screener based on it.

allanster for his amazing idea how to split multiple symbols at once using a CSV list of ticker IDs
- hide chart:

- add 6 copies of screener
- change list number at settings from 1 to 6
- add you tickers

Screener shows signals when RSI was overbought or oversold and become to 0, this signal you may use to enter position(check other market condition before enter).

At settings you cam change Prefics, Appendix and put you tickers.
limitations are:
- max 40 tickers for one list
- max 4096 characters for one list
- tickers list should be separated by comma and may contains one space after the comma
By default it shows almost all BINANCE USD-M USDT tickers

Also you can adjust table for your screen by changing width of columns at settings.

If you have any questions or suggestions write comment or message.

revise the problem with showing green arrows


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