Titans Trend Lines

mmmarsh 已更新   
This indicator will plot trend lines based on recent pivot highs and lows.

The pivot sensitivity level may be customised under the indicator settings. The pivot highs and lows are identified by 'H' and 'L' markers.

Through the indicator, a purple dotted line connects the last two pivot highs and another purple dotted line connects the last two pivot lows. These lines are extended to the left and right beyond the connected points.

If a new trend line has developed due to the formation of a new pivot high or low, the last trend line will be grayed to help with referencing.

The user is advised to use this indicator at his own risk.
v2: In the last version, if there are less than two pivots within the search window, an incorrect trend line is produced. In this version, the default value for the search window has been increased from 50 to 100. In case that is insufficient, the user may now also custom define the search window.

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