Divergence for Many [Dimkud - v5]

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Strategy is based on "Divergence for Many Indicators v4 ST" strategy by CannyTolany01
which is based on "Divergence for Many Indicator" indicator by LonesomeTheBlue

This strategy is searching for divergences on 18 indicators which you can select and optimise one by one.
Additionally you can connect any other External Indicator value. (just add this indicator the the chart and select option in settings)

To the original indicator/strategy I have added 9 additional indicators:
( Money Flow Index, Williams_Vix, Stochastic RSI , SMI Ergodic Oscillator, Volume Weighted MACD , Bull Bear Power, Balance of Power , Relative Volatility Index , Logistic Settings).

Converted strategy to v5 of Pine Script.
Added Static SL/TP in percents (%).

Added filters to filter enters:
1. Volume Weighted MACD - Multi-TimeFrame Filter
(It checks for histogram to falling or rising for a set periods of bars)

2. Money Flow Index - Multi-TimeFrame Filter
(It checks if MFI Oscillator is in the set diapason.
Also It checks if MFI is falling or rising for a set periods of bars )

3. ATR filter
(check changes in fast ATR to slow ATR )

Strategy shows good backtest results on many crypto tokens on 45m - 1h periods. (with parameters optimisation for every indicator)

To find best parameters - you can enable indicators one-by one, and optimise best parameters for each of them.
Then enable all indicators with successful results.
Optimise SL/TP.
Then try to enable and optimise filters (channels etc.)

The better is to optimise parameters separately for Short and Long trading. And run two separate bots (in settings enable only Long or only Short.)

- Added visualisation for open trades (SL/TP)
- Added Volatility filter by ATR with many options for tests.
- Fixed some small bugs.
- Added second RSI filter (you can use two RSIs with different TF or settings)
- Updated ATR volatility and MFI filter. Removed non-effective options
- Added CCI filter
- Added option to Enable/Disable visualisation of TP/SL on chart
- Fixed one small quick bug. ("ATR filter short" was not working)
- Added Super Trend filter
- Added Momentum filter
- Added Volume Filter
- All "request.security" MultiTimeFrame calls changed to 100% non-repait function "f_security()"
Fixed bug with the function 'Use Opposite Signal SL'
(close current order on Opposite signal)

Please Note:
If you are using function 'Use Opposite Signal SL'
And you want to use one of the available filters for signals (RSI, MFI, CCI, Mom etc).
Then you must activate and LONG and SHORT options for these filters (ex. 'Use RSI LONG Range' and 'Use RSI SHORT Range').
(Even if you have configured the strategy to trade only One direction.)
- Added option to open Opposite order after SL

Tutorial: How to run a TV Strategy for Automated Cryptocurrency Trading:

Need help ? Contact me to create/modify strategy for you.

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