Imbalance Finder

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Imbalance Finder

I struggled to always see it visually this marks whether there is or isn't imbalance

Very quick way of finding imbalance between bars
發布通知: Added Box Fully Coloured and option to turn Diamond on or off to indicate Imbalance on Bars past 500 back
發布通知: Version 5 and colour change added
發布通知: Added Alerts
發布通知: Requested additions

Un Mitigated Imbalance Extension options
Asian Session Marked
ADR Targets 50%,75%,100% auto calculated
Entry to ADR Count back
Alerts for imbalance Bullish, Bearish and Both
Alert for % of ADR Imbalance (Explosive moments)
發布通知: Finally fixed gapping issue

ADR % Shown On off added

Minimum ADR% for Imbalance to show (on %)
發布通知: Added Alert for every imbalance as well as first of last 5 bars (if in run of imbalance less annoying)
發布通知: 2 More gap scenarios added
發布通知: Error on smaller time frames with Imbalance Dynamic on App that did still work on web version of trading view fixed

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