Trading Safely Market Crusher Pro Indicator

With The Market Crusher Pro You Can Trade Options, Futures , Cryptocurrencies, Equities, Commodities , Currencies, and Stock Market Indexes.
The Market Crusher Pro Buy & Sell signals are determined utilizing our price range volatility algorithmic technical indicator designed to generate alpha.
The Market Crusher Pro Buy & Sell signals will only be visible during your specified trading times.
The Market Crusher Pro Profit Targets are determined in percentages and you can take profit up to 4 times per trade.
I suggest setting limit orders at profit targets.
To determine how much of position to close divide position size by number of profit targets
Example: If your position size is 100k and you are in a Long trade set 4 limit sell orders of 25k each at your 4 profit targets.
*Percentage of position to be closed for each trade is set to 25% however, you can adjust this to take profit 3 times by changing settings on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd profit targets to 33.3%, or 2 times by changing 1st and 2nd profit targets to 50%


  • Add to any ticker, and time frame

  • Specify trading times

  • Specify both long and short profit targets in percentages

  • Take profit up to 4 times per trade

  • Use either a fixed stop loss or a trailing stop loss or both

  • Set sound alerts and Syntax alerts for automated trading

  • Prints on the current bar in real time

  • DOES NOT repaint several bars after the fact
*We only use candles for trading and back testing because, Heikin Ashi, Renko, Kagi, Point & Figure, and Range produce unrealistic results.

*Back test results below are based on a initial capital of $5000 and Trade using 10% of initial capital.
Please Note: For forex trading to enter a trade on EURUSD for example the spread is typically 1.2-2.0 pips to enter a trade so you are not charged a commission on every market buy or sell or for limit orders set at profit targets. We are not able to input this into back test settings.
Example: If you open a 100k position it will cost you $12-$20 assuming the spread is 1.2 to 2.0 pips

Please Note: All users get access to weekly trading and strategy building sessions and a interactive Q&A. You can get more information on these benefits as well as get access to the strategy builder by clicking the MC PRO link listed in signature section below


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