Pivot Points High Low (HH/HL/LH/LL) [Anan]

Hello Friends,

This is my own version of (Pivot Hilo Support n Resistance Levels R3-3 by JustUncleL)

- V4 Pinescript
- Removed MA dependency filters
- Add some arrows
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* Active Alerts
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it's amazing
how to calculate ??
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Looks great! Does this repaint?
+5 回覆
@Itssantiok, they all repaint...
+6 回覆
Mohamed3nan aid8338836276d46d1
@aid8338836276d46d1, If you didn't know wha't the meanin of "repaint" pls don't talk here,
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Congrats!! One of the best price action tools available!!
+3 回覆
Can anybody do a MT4 version , easier to get alert then tradingview...
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Very useful
+2 回覆
very useful thanks.
+2 回覆
I really appreciate your effort. Very precise strategy. Thanks !
+2 回覆
Great, thanks
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